The Washington State Trails Coalition is a network of trail organizations and individuals who steward, inspire, design, and enjoy trails of all kinds.  From snowmobile enthusiasts and goat packers to bicycle commuters and trail runners – we are a community of people who understand the importance of trails to the quality of life in Washington State.

Join us in supporting a vibrant trail community in Washington – volunteer with the Washington State Trails Coalition!   Volunteer opportunities include:

  • 2018 Conference Volunteers: help plan our 2018 State Trails Conference.  The Conference Committee recruits vendors, sponsors, presenters, and keynote speakers – these volunteers make our two-day conferences special & successful!
  • Online outreach volunteers: Are you hot on the trail news beat?  We need help keeping our Facebook page fresh with statewide trail news and our website up-to-date.
  • Board Members:  Join our governance team!

Let us know how you would like to plug in!   Email info@washingtonstatetrailscoalition.org to get involved.

Washington State Trails Coalition Board Positions

WSTC is guided by a core of committed volunteer directors who direct our biennial conferences and meetings and oversee organizational management and development.  We are currently recruiting one board officer, President Elect (see position descriptions below).  If you have a passion for trails and the time to share your skills to advance WSTC, we invite you to consider joining our leadership team.

The WSTC board convenes for a monthly 1-hour conference call during business hours.  Subcommittees convene between board meetings by conference call and/or email exchange.  Board members are not asked for fiscal support but are expected to serve in a leadership capacity in some aspect of conference planning.

Please send us a statement about why you would like to serve and what you will bring to the WSTC board.  Please email your letter of interest and qualifications to Ben Monte Calvo, Board President, at president@washingtonstatetrailscoalition.org.


The President is the Chair of the Board and Chair of the Conference committee, responsible for seeing that conference logistics are completed.  Responsibilities may include oversight of the following tasks:

  • Direct the off-year meeting/caucus
  • Prepare agendas and chair Conference Committee teleconference meetings
  • Select the venue for the conference
  • Negotiate the contract with the venue
  • Coordinate the conference program
  • Provide for registration of the conference attendees
  • Select the menus
  • Prepare a conference budget
  • Arrange for field trips
  • Be the master of ceremonies at the conference
  • Prepare for and conduct the WSTC business meeting at the conference
  • Arranging nominations for open officer positions
  • Promoting attendance
  • Arrange for maintenance of 501(c)(3) status


The primary responsibilities of the president-elect are (1) to assume the duties of the president if the president is unable to perform them and (2) to prepare to lead the conference preparations and execution when you are president.  Typically, the President-Elect conducts meetings on behalf of the President when he/she is unable to attend and the President-Elect often assumes the role of Program Chair, overseeing the recruitment and scheduling of the biennial conference.  

Past President

The Past President serves primarily an advisory role.

Secretary/Communications Director (formerly known as Recorder)

The Communications Director manages internal communication among WSTC Board and Committee members and also assists with outreach to the broader trail community.  Some of the Communications Director duties may include:

  • Assist with website, social media, and email communications
  • Record and publish minutes for WSTC board meetings, especially Conference Committee and off-year caucus meetings
  • Prepare proceedings for the conferences, using notes taken by other people in the sessions
  • Maintain the bylaws and 501(c)(3) documents
  • Ensure issues of concern are brought before the board


Provides financial audit and oversight function and ensures accurate records are kept for all financial transactions.

  • Prepares a detailed financial statement to the board in January each year.
  • Files 990 with IRS and other financial reports as needed.
  •  Administers conference registrations.

At-Large Board Member 

Participates in leadership role in conference planning and organizational governance.

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