2012 Conference

2012 Washington State Trails Conference
“Bridging Communities with Trails”
October 25-28, 2012 – Vancouver, WA

Check out the 2012 Vancouver WSTC  Conference Highlights for a 35-page summary of the proceedings!  From all accounts, the 200+ conference attendees and speakers at our 2012 Conference in Vancouver enjoyed a rich and rewarding two days featuring stellar keynote speakers and 20 breakout sessions in three program tracks: Community Engagement, Planning for Success & Managing Trails on the Ground.  See the 2012 WSTC Conference Program  for complete details.

Our Conference would not have been successful without the support of our sponsors: Green Trails Maps, Parametrix, Cascade Designs, Eddie Bauer First Ascent and The Mountaineers.

 Why did participants attend?

We asked 2012 Conference attendees why they attend & what they get out of attending.  Here are just a few of the responses:

“… I always leave this conference with a much broader, complex, and theoretical understanding of what makes for a great trail AND with practical and concrete ideas for how to solve trail problems…”  Ellen Aagaard

“The networking and camaraderie of meeting with other user group is key to my attendance…Working on issues, common to all of us and possible solutions is what I take away.”  John Knechel

“I attend the WSTC Conference to meet the people passionately working for trails throughout the state and to learn of their inspiring success.”  Nikki Fields

“With the shorting days, the sad end to summer, this conference lifts me up. It inspires me to be better, to do more and to think beyond the way I have always done things.”  Nancy Barker

“To better understand how this incredible group of trail folks has created a vision that I can blend with my ideas for a future of volunteer supported trails.”  Luke Wakefield

“I attend the WSTC Trails Conference every two years to see the state in one room, to talk across bureaucratic boundaries, and revive my joy in the good work of trails.”  Reed Waite

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