“Our minds will slow, our hearts will race and our waist lines will recede. Trail stories will be exchanged at the barbershop and in the grocery checkout line. Outdoor equipment will be reasonably priced for all society to purchase. Citizens will be able to identify native plants, trees and animals. We will know our time and place based on seasonal change. When asked where we are from, the answer will begin with the location of the nearest trail.”  By WSTC member and past president, Bob Vaux, 1998

Founded in 1999, the purpose of the Washington State Trails Coalition is to provide an effective and interactive forum centering on protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails. Membership is  open to anyone with a passion for trails, including motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation and transportation.  The primary focus of WSTC is a biennial statewide trails conference and an off-year caucus.

Meet our Board of Directors.

The WSTC operates in accordance with our BYLAWS 2015.

WSTC is a federally tax-exempt 501 (c)3 charitable organization (EIN #91-1973937) and is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Washington (UBI #603-207-484).

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Providing an effective forum for protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails.