2020 WSTC Business Meeting

The Washington State Trails Coalition board is holding at a virtual annual business meeting November 18, 2020 6pm – 7pm.  If you are interested in attending, please request an invitation to the meeting before 6pm November 16th, 2020 by emailing: info@washingtonstatetrailscoalition.org  and you will be sent a Zoom link on the 17th.  The primary item of business is to vote on revisions of the bylaws. 

WSTC is taking the opportunity to revise our bylaws while we wait out the ongoing pandemic.  Our goal is to bring the bylaws into closer alignment with the realities of the organization and the world it operates in.  WSTC’s mission of “Providing an effective forum for protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails.” does not change.

The major proposed changes are outlined below.  Click to review the full current or revised bylaws.

Name & Purpose – Section 1

The bylaws define the primary forum of our work to be “a biennial WSTC conference” with no mention of other events.

The proposed change is to indicate that a public event will be held annually to exchange information and ideas, without prescribing the type and biennial frequency.  An emergency clause will allow the cancellation of an event.  Language is added to clearly allow for virtual annual business meetings and outlines the notification process.

Being a “Membership” organization – Section 2

WSTC is currently a membership organization.  Anyone who attends the most recent caucus or conference is considered a member.  Most people have no sense of membership and do not know they are considered members.  Historically, very few non-board members have attended annual business meetings held during the caucus or conference.  

The proposed change is to become a non-member organization.  Notice of annual business meetings held either during an event or online will still be distributed and interested individuals are welcome to attend.  

Election of Board members and officers – Section 5

The current bylaws are rigid about how and when board members cycle on and off the board and when officers are elected.  They proscribe a two-year term, but don’t set how many a member can serve.

The proposed changes will generalize the on-boarding of new board members and election of officers to preferably occur after a conference, but vacancies can be filled as needed by board vote.  It would also set an overall term limit of three consecutive two-year terms with the ability to be re-elected after a year away.