On the Trails of Change: WSTC’s 2014 Statewide Conference


How will you chose from the 30+ concurrent trail presentations?  Start planning your strategy for the 2014 Washington State Trails Conference – the preliminary programs are now live!

Registration Open

Early bird registration for the 2014 Washington State Trails Conference October 16-18 is now open.  Get your tickets today!

WSTC Non-profit Status 

After operating as a mission-driven and volunteer-managed organization since 1999, WSTC  is now officially recognized as a charitable, tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Learn more.

Washington State Trails Caucus Success


Eighty leaders from across the state gathered  in Wenatchee on September 13 to share the season’s successes, hear the latest from our state agencies and plan for the future of Washington State Trails Coalition. Check out the Caucus Meeting Summary.

 2012 Conference Proceedings Available

Read a narrative of the 2012 Washington State Trails Conference and check out the conference proceedings.   


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