Welcome to the Washington State Trails Coalition

The Washington State Trails Coalition is a non-profit whose sole purpose is to provide an effective forum centering on protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails.  This includes both motorized and non-motorized outdoor recreation and transportation.

Join us for the WSTC Caucus, October 28th 2021 Online

We hope you will join us in Everett October, 2022 to celebrate, commiserate, and share what was learned from this extraordinary and difficult period. The “Common Ground” of our love of trails in all forms and by all modes of travel will bring us together again. For more information or questions, please email info@washingtsonstatetrailscoalition.org .

Be safe and we’ll see you on the trails…when they open and from a distance!

Our primary forum is a biennial WSTC Trails Conference that hosts trail users, supporters, government agencies, elected officials, outdoor recreation sponsors and pretty much anyone interested in motorized or non-motorized recreational, educational, and transportation that trails can provide.  We exchange information, news, and ideas about the development of trails in Washington State.  And we have a great time getting to know our fellow trail lovers!

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Providing an effective forum for protecting, promoting, and enhancing a statewide system of trails.